‘I like the idea of becoming a drop of rain one day, and if I’m in the ocean, I can become rain on the mountaintop,’” she said. “If we think we are a drop in the ocean of bliss, it makes sense to return to the ocean.”

Scattering of ashes at sea is a fitting tribute and farewell to a loved one.

People are drawn towards nature when faced with death and choosing a location of natural beauty that is meaningful to both the living and the deceased.

Scattering the ashes of a loved one is a deeply emotional experience when we allow wind or water to embrace a loved one’s ashes we can feel a sensation of freedom, serenity that can relieve the sadness and pain of losing that person

Scatter your loved one’s ashes in Carlingford Lough against the backdrop of the beautiful Mountains of Mourne as they sweep down to the sea and Cooley Mountains as they overlook Carlingford, or beyond the tranquil Hawlbowline Lighthouse as she stands protecting her Lough.

Or perhaps you would like the shallow sandy shores of Dundalk Bay

Wherever you decide, we can help with that emotional farewell. 

Where can I scatter my loved one’s ashes?

Carlingford Lough

Dundalk Bay

Do I need permission/permit?

No permission or permit is required

Date & time

The date and time of the scattering ceremony is important.

Dates such as anniversaries or birthdays are milestone events that may be a poignant opportunity

Sunrise or sunset times are quieter and more relaxing on the senses 

Can I hold a ceremony?

Yes, we would encourage you to hold a ceremony to remember your loved one

Citing poems, prayers, singing or playing music as well as lighting candles and scattering petals or loose flowers into the water will providing a lasting and memorable farewell  

Suitable urns

Scattering of ashes into the water must be carefully planned to avoid ashes being blown around the families. We can discuss ways to do this before the ceremony

There are a wide range of urns specifically designed for water ceremonies that can be purchased at irishurns.com

Type of boat

Passenger boat DISCOVERY with P5 License to take 12 passengers crewed by licensed personnel

Toilet facilities on board

Duration of trip

Approx 2 hours

A longer duration can be arranged


€50 per person

Minimum charge €250

Parking facilities

Parking available at Carlingford Marina


You are welcome to bring refreshments onboard

Disabled access


Other facilities available

Onboard PA system

Sheltered area on deck

Seating for 12 persons

Family pets are welcome

Contact us

Email:  info@carlingfordseatours.com

Or call 

Marie:  0863395343 or Paddy:  0872547362


Carlingford Marina Facilities

Onsite restaurant ‘Rocksalt’ available to cater for funeral parties