Finn has been a welcome resident in Carlingford Lough since 2020 and he has brought much joy to the people and visitors to the area. He is a bottlenose dolphin who seems to like his solitary existence. Bottlenose dolphins can burn as many as 33,000 calories in a day - the equivalent to 25kg of fish. They typically eat 4 - 6% of their body weight daily. Often Finn can be seen playing with his food before he eats, when he flings the fish into the air.

Finn is a wild dolphin and a protected species, so we in Carlingford Lough Sea Tours do not seek him out, if he wants to join us, he does. It may be the backwash from our catamaran boat gives him a nice feeling or he just likes to say hello then quickly goes back to whatever he’s doing.

Whatever it is that keeps him in the Lough, we hope will be there for many years.


Photographs by Fionnuala Perry